The Drury Debate Union is not your typical college debate program.  We take a multi-faceted approach to learning and practicing communication skills. What we do is valuable, fun, and dynamic.  We provide a friendly, safe, and comfortable atmosphere for the expression of ideas.  And we do it with class.  You are not only learning to express yourself, but learning to do it in the best possible way.


So what are the benefits to being able to give the best possible expression of your ideas through the Debate Union?

1.  You will find a new “home” on campus where you “belong” to something more…something bigger.

2.  You will explore ideas and interact with like-minded individuals from various disciplines across campus.

3.  You will expand your critical thinking skills and improve your communication skills.

4.  You will find that you gain confidence.  Confidence enables you to reach levels of achievement you may not have dreamed possible, and without confidence, one tends to be governed by fear and anxiety.

5.  Reduce fear and anxiety.  When you know that you are expressing your ideas in the best possible way, you are less anxious to be nervous about what you are saying.  This is further reinforced through the practice of public speaking in a safe peer-led environment.  If you were ever intimidated by public speaking, this fear can be greatly reduced.   By removing this anxiety and fear, your life simply becomes more pleasant.

6.  When you are more confident and less afraid, you become less defensive.  At their extreme, defensive people are of the “You talkin’ to me?” variety.

7.  When you become less afraid, you become less egocentric.  Self-centeredness comes from being scared.  “I’ve got to think of me!”

You know what happens when you aren’t defensive, fearful or self-centered?  You become nicer.  You become more likable.  More people want to agree with you.  It doesn’t matter if it is an audience, an employer, a judge, a girlfriend, a boyfriend, or any other “significant other” in your life. Confident communicators are forthright when expressing ideas.  They speak in a manner which is convincing and invites agreement and attention, without demanding or commanding either.

What the debate union offers you is a new skill set; you will have new communication tools to use in both your personal and professional life.  These skills will benefit you for a lifetime.  Come join us!